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Modular Container Systems 57" - Triple, drive through, side door **SPECIAL**

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Special edition triple 10' container, drive through, motorcycle garage or 4 wheeler storage.  Side door and pressure treated reinforced floor - already assembled and ready for delivery.  A heavy duty, secure, weatherproof container to store your valuables and more! Ideal Four Wheeler and Ski-doo garage storage

A heavy duty, secure, weatherproof container to store your valuables and more. Double front door design allows you to use the full width of the container on both ends. Complete pressure treated flooring system included. Make it as deep as you want with extension kits. Unique roof design allows maximum interior storage space. A variety of different accessories are available, including a side door (included), single or double door for the rear (included), a pressure treated floor (included), shelving, gear hangers and entry ramp. Manufactured entirely with 18 ga. G90 galvanized steel. High security door bar locks and lever mechanisms that are designed to accept any standard lock. Heavy-duty hinges and tamper resistant hardware provide additional security. Assembled and ready to deliver.

Modular 57 Triple Unit Specifications: (listed in inches)
Exterior Dimensions (W x L x H):       57 x 124.7 x 76.5
Interior Dimensions (W x L x H):        54 x 121.7 x 70
Door Opening (W x H):                      50 x 64
Weight:                                              828 lbs.
Ship Dimensions:                              60 x 24 x 77

This unit has:
Doors at each end - drive through.
Side door
Pressure treated floors
Already assembled
  • Outdoor storage for all your toys!
  • Four Wheeler garage storage
  • Lawn Tractor Garage storage
  • Ski-doo Garage storage
  • Secure Lock up storage
  • Ideal Summer or Winter storage
  • Secure Motorcycle garage
  • Secure 4wheeler storage

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