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Steel Storage Locker 3 shelves 54" - Extra Wide

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Ideal for your business, garage, or anywhere else you need extra room to keep your tools or other higher valued items secure.

Heavy duty secure storage for your tools or higher value items. Double door version allows for storage of larger items. Designed to be free standing or to lag bolt to a wall for additional security. Includes 3 shelves. Manufactured entirely with 18 ga. G90 galvanized steel. Can be used outdoors. These units come standard with a high security door bar lock and lever mechanism that is designed to accept any standard lock. Heavy-duty hinges and tamper proof hardware provide additional security. Ships boxed, unassembled.

* heavy duty hinges
* tamper proof hardware
* high security door bar lock
* indoor / outdoor use

Specifications: (listed in inches)

Exterior Dimensions (W x L x H):       40 x 21 x 54
Interior Dimensions (W x L x H):        39.5 x 19.5 x 52
Door Opening (W x H):                      33.25 x 50.5
Weight:                                              207 lbs.
Ship Dimensions (W x L x H):             40 x 54 x 5
Capacity:                                           150 lbs per shelf

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