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EASY-STOR Portable Storage Containers

Do you need additional space to store excess inventory or to keep valuable equipment or supplies secure? Are you in construction, retail, mining or military. Easy-Stor units are an instant secure industrial storage solution. Ideal for government, local authorities, schools and farms. We have supplied multiple landscapers, builders and small businesses with EASY-STOR portable storage containers.

Easy industrial storage containers

These secure, economical Canadian made storage solutions are available for pickup or delivery to your door. Whether you're looking to store just a few items, or put most of your possessions in a safe place for a few weeks, months or years, our portable weather protected storage containers allow you to secure your possessions, where and when you want them! Instant secure storage.

Easy-store containers


EASY-STOR containers are manufactured in one size and can be linked end to end at any time after initial assembly to create a larger storage space. Their portable nature means that they can easily be moved with a forklift or returned to flat-pack form for storage or to re-build in a different location. Single containers can be moved with up to 2000 lbs. inside! Once assembled, the fully galvanized steel EASY-STOR container units are remarkably robust, with a heavy-duty lever and hasp and a high security bar lock with tamper proof fasteners that will deter the most determined thief.

Assembly of the container is simple and can be carried out by anyone with basic DIY abilities. The components are light enough to be carried by two people and small enough to fit through a standard man door. Not only are these containers designed for long life, they are also designed with simple transportation in mind. You do not require special equipment to transport or move these EASY-STOR secure storage containers. Swing by with your truck and we can load you up or we can deliver to your door.

industrial storage containers pack flat for moving and delivery

Industrial Storage containers pack flat for transporting & delivery.  The skid fits on the back of most pickup trucks. Easy!