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About Containers - Everything you need to know about Storage Containers and Shipping Containers

shipping containers on a freight train

Containers are a thing you see everyday but don't really notice. You see them on trains that seem to go on and on forever as they rumble past.  Container after container rattling along the tracks sometimes stacked 2 or 3 high.  You see containers in the ports and harbours of the world stacked up and endless, as far as the eye can see. You see them on the highways, one after the other, steadily moving freight from ship to warehouse, warehouse to store. And you don't really notice them but they changed the world. See history of containers link below.

loaded container ship at sea

Below I have laid out the story of containers from the history, container uses, container sizes and container projects.  There's even a photo gallery and I will add to these pages as I go.

History of Containers

Container Sizes and Dimensions

Container Photo Gallery

Portable outdoor storage units

Container modifications - quick price guide

Container Securing Rules in Intermodal Transportation

How to patch a leaking, rusty shipping container

container ship loading at harbour

Shipping containers in harbour

Rusty shipping containers in a yard