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Rent a storage container at 199 Richmond Boulevard, Napanee

  • $4200

Rental storage available in 4ft, 7ft and 11ft lengths.  You get a Solid Steel Storage Container for your stuff.We have fork lift, pump trucks, dollies and container ramps available on site to assist your load in and out.  Put your own lock on the steel storage container and it's yours.

Available container sizes.  Larger container sizes available for rent

 Size (LxWxH) Type Sq ft (aprox)
40 x 48 x 60 Skid container Med 14 sq ft
40 x 48 x 78.5 Skid container High 14 sq ft
81 x 44.5 x 87.5 Half container 25 sq ft
81 x 86 x 87.5 Standard container 50 sq ft
81 x 130.5 x 87.5 1.5x  container 77 sq ft
81 x 172 x 87.5 Double 100 sq ft


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