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Weatherproof Storage Containers Napanee

New storage container depot opening in Napanee, March 5th 2016.

container office

The unit at 199 Richmond Boulevard, Napanee is a 2000 sq. ft. warehouse with an acre of fenced yard.  This is where we will begin constructing and converting used shipping containers, transport containers and sea cans into customized storage units, office containers and container homes.

storage containers Napanee

Most locals know the spot because it is just behind Davis & Davis, the local agricultural hardware supplier.

Ingenious Storage Napanee

We also sell a full range of weatherproof outdoor steel storage containers that are constructed to the highest standards.  The containers are designed to stack and the containers are expandable by using extensions.  This modular container system has a full range of accessories such as shelving, ramps and insulation possibilities.

Our skilled team can source the right container and then if necessary convert & adapt the container to create a purpose built unit that matches your needs.

Storage container sale

Storage container sale starts on Saturday March 5th from 11 am to 3 pm.  Swing by and take a look.