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Modular Outdoor Steel Storage Container 8ft wide, 8ft 6 inch high.

  • $1,99900

This is the ultimate outdoor storage unit. Great for residential or industrial uses and expandable to suit all your storage needs with a full range of accessories to customize your storage.  This modular system is manufactured in Canada and represents excellence in outdoor storage systems. Welcome to the Modular 96!

The base unit is 8ft wide, 8ft 6 inches high and 8ft deep.  You can add extensions 44 inches at a time to create the storage space you need.

Double (Base + 1 extension) 142 inches or just under 12 ft deep. 96 sq. ft  An excellent size as most towns allow a 100 sq ft shed! At 8ft 6 inches high this is great storage.

Triple (Base + 2 extensions) 186 inches or 15ft 6 inches deep

Quad (Base + 3 extensions) 230 inches or just over 19 feet.

Giant (Base + 4 extensions) 274 inches or just under 23 ft (Larger than a shipping container).

The Modular 96 is our largest storage space. At 8 wide x 8 tall, we nickname this the "Giant".  As with all of our modular containers, this style offers smooth sides that are easily insulated.    Because of the additional wall height, all "Giant" containers come with support columns integrated into the wall structure making the addition of workbenches and shelves easy and inexpensive.  The integrated columns are compatible with all of our other accessories as well.

Add 44" deep extensions to get even more space.  Flat pack shipping allows a 16 ft deep unit to be put in the back of a short box 3/4 ton pick-up.

Double wide front door, and side door options are also available.


Outside Dimensions (WxLxH) 96" x 98" x 103.5"
Inside Dimensions (WxLxH) 93" x 93" x 96"
Door Opening (WxH) 37" x 64"
Weight 1,300 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (WxLxH) 50" x 98" x 58"
Capacity 3,000 lbs  evenly distributed.
Wall/Roof Construction -  18ga G90 galvanized steel
Floor Construction - Pressure treated 2x4 Framing on 13" centers with 3/4" OSB decking. Includes 4 pressure treated support runners.

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