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Ramp for Garden Sheds and Storage Containers

Ramp for Garden Sheds and Storage Containers

  • $3800

Inexpensive ramp brackets fix to container - you provide your own wood decking. Price includes complete hardware and pair of brackets.

Small utility ramp is available to assist the movement of equipment in and out of the container. Designed to be attached to the edge of a 3/4 inch plywood or similar material.
Two support brackets with hardware are included in this kit. The door may be closed with the ramp still in place. Wood decking not included.   Entry Ramp - Model 1268

Weight (Lbs) 7
Ship Dimensions (WxHxL) 18x3x3
Capacity (Lbs) * 400
Steel Gauge** 14
Half, Standard, or Larger Container Yes
Skid Container No
* Evenly Distributed Load
**All Steel Is Galvanized G90
UPC 671846112686

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