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Quick patch repair for shipping containers PEEL-N-PATCH fibreglass reinforced polyester quick patch

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Repair patches for shipping containers available in 3 sizes.

Quick patch available in 3x6", 6"x9" & 9x12".

Fiberglass reinforced polyester patches are easy to use.  The simple peel n' patch technique allows you to cut or mold the patch to the right shape, apply and then allow the UV in sunlight to cure the patch to a rock hard finish that you can sand and paint and even drill and hang a shelf on it!

  • Easy to use, long lasting repairs
  • Quick Patch Cures solid in UV light
  • Pliable patch hardens in sunlight
  • PEEL-N-PATCH Waterproof
  • Quick patch bends to irregular shapes and surface
  • Pliable patches bond to curved surfaces
  • PEEL-N-PATCH bonds to rusted surfaces
  • Sand, Drill and paint when patch is cured
  • Quick patches are heat and water resistant once cured.
  • Easily repair rusty shipping containers

Welding for shipping container repairs is now redundant or at least unnecessary.  Don't weld it, patch it.

Repair Patch for shipping containers

If you are using your UV patch to repair something inside, out of the reach of sunlight then a UV torch can solve the issue.  A UV flashlight can be used to cure a repair patch.

Order a UV flashlight here



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