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Shipping Container Tire Storage Kit - Seacan Tire Rack

  • $14900

The kit includes one hook, one 7 ft column, two 22" arms, and four tube brackets.  Three kits are required to make the rack shown in the picture.  The 1 3/8" diameter steel tubes are not included.  This tubing is economically available at any Home Depot or Lowes (referred to as 1 3/8" fence top rail).  Mounting hardware included.  Patent Pending.

$149 per kit  (Min 2 kits required) $298  *Tubing not included

$745 to equip 1 side of a 20ft Seacan. * Tubing not included

$1490 to equip 1 side of a 40ft Shipping Container * Tubing not included

Capacity - 600 lbs per arm.

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