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Parking Loft - Maximise your space - Above the car storage.

  • $1,49900

This storage loft unit is very clever! Ingenious I suppose.  The height can adjust to your car and it is wide enough to safely park the car underneath.

As always with our products this is Canadian steel built to be robust and practical. This unit provides an aprox 8ft wide  x over 3ft deep and almost 3 ft high. Big enough for a full set of winter tires and more!

*  Adjustable height to match your car. Adjusts 45" to 57" - Fine for a big truck!!
*  Maximizes space otherwise not used
*  Heavy duty robust steel construction
*  Solid 380lb Canadian steel unit

Specifications: (All dimensions listed in inches)
Outside Dimensions
(max W x L x H) 96 x 41 x 82
Inside Dimensions
(usable W x L x H) 95 x 39 x 33
Door Opening (W x H) 88.5 x 30
Weight (lbs) 380

Ideal additional storage for parking garages in condo and apartment blocks. Increase the market appeal of your apartment or condo by providing supplementary storage that uses wasted space over a vehicle. Parking Lofts can be placed side by side or back to back, and with the adjustable height, most vehicle sizes can be accommodated. Designed to fit within a standard parking spot, and does not affect neighboring vehicles. Gain storage space where you need it most.

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