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A new trend in urban storage: The Parking Loft.. The Aussies call it "Over the Bonnet" storage.

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Over the bonnet storage is a new trend in urban storage that's growing.  The concept is simple; a lot of space is wasted above the car in our garages or in the underground parking garages.  A simple solution is a parking loft. Shelving that basically fits your car so when you drive your car into the garage or parking spot the bonnet tucks under the main shelf.

These parking lofts are built with 14 gauge steel so they will take a bump or two with the car (if you must) but are high enough and wide enough to park the car under with ease.

Parking Loft.  Over the bonnet storage.

Above we have 2 parking lofts side by side. Car fits under one and they keep the bicycles under the other leaving a ton of secure storage above without compromising the space needed to get the car in.

Parking loft in a parking garage.

What I like about using the parking loft in a parking garage is you don't have to keep everything in the car.  When I lived in an apartment you could never keep anything in your parking spot so you had to either carry it up many many stairs.  So of course I drove around with all kinds of tools, tires, wiper fluid, cleaning stuff in the car.  With one of these you can store it all downstairs in the garage without cluttering up the car.

Over the bonnet storage

Many customers wonder whether their car will fit.  How tight it is?  I did an experiment with a Dodge RAM 2500, pretty big truck and it fit without any problem.  I admit it looks tight but I drove in and out without a scratch.

Ram truck under the parking loft.

After taking the photo the manufacturer told me they can add a few inches to the height at of the parking lofts easily and no extra cost.

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