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Rethinking Survival in the age of Covid-19. Container home as isolation and/or escape.

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As we await the 1st Covid-19 wave to hit many people are thinking about survival and alternative living.  This is not just the preppers, survivalists and doomsayers. Now we all see the impact a virus can have. Post Covid-19 most people will want to get away from the crowds and preferably get somewhere in a forest and on or near a lake in a secluded area.  Yes we have to work in the city but when the next wave of pandemic hits, they will want to have a getaway.

Covid-19 survival strategy; shipping container escape

At Ingenious we get increasing numbers of client inquiries about putting shipping containers on remote properties.  We often add the doors and windows and insulate prior to delivery.  One of the tricky parts is the delivery.  A full 53ft tractor trailer cannot cross a swamp and drop the seacan between the trees (overlooking the lake).  Some forethought needs to go into the logistics of getting the container into place.  We sometimes have to drag the container with a truck and chain as often a crane cannot get in and even if it can, a crane for the day is cost prohibitive.

Another factor is power and I certainly don't want to sit by myself in a Seacan with a generator running all day.  Think solar.  It's easy to setup and a low energy fridge can run from solar.  You just can't cook with electricity .  But I would be using a wood stove or barbecue anyway.

solar power shipping container

To successfully use solar you will need some batteries in an outside storage unit of some kind.  You don't want the batteries in the container and they need shelter. We often use skid containers or small outdoor lockers to store the batteries.  Here are a few examples for battery storage.

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