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Shipping containers as a great tool for downsizing and cost saving.

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We are open during this covid-19 shutdown and we are seeing increased demand in a number of areas.  Certainly many businesses are downsizing, cutting down on warehouse and storage space.  Buying a shipping container is a simple way to get out of some of those expensive warehouse and storage situations.  Putting a container on property you already own (or a friends lot) is an ideal solution.

Shipping Container Rent or Buy?The inevitable Shipping Container question: To rent or to buy? That is the question!

Also if you are in the unfortunate position of closing down your store or business you don't want to now pay for storage till the end of time.  A seacan on your site could be the place to store your goods whilst you hunker down and await the passing of this storm.  You can rent or purchase you shipping container and which way you go basically depends on how long you think you will be hunkering down.  If like many people you think it will be longer than a year then buying is better than renting.  Consider that when you buy a shipping container it will have value you can sell after 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years.

Rent or buy a shipping container

We are also seeing individuals cutting the cost of their self storage unit by buying instead of renting.  If you would have purchased a 20ft shipping container 10 years ago and put it on your property, you would have had 160 sq foot of storage for 10 years and a container to sell today for maybe $1500 or $2000.  (Of course you could also just carry on using it) That would mean almost free 160 sq foot of storage for 10 years.  Your neighbour paying for his 100 square foot of self storage in a commercial unit, that he has to drive to visit, would have paid $24,000 over the 10 years.

Do the math and buy a used shipping container!

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