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If you need storage why not get a billboard ad at the same time.

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Many businesses require additional storage from time to time or all the time.  It can be seasonal, Christmas inventory for example, barbecues in spring or snow tires for the winter months.

This post is not actually about storage though.  Consider this:  If you need storage you can just pay for storage.  But what if that storage could increase profits by increasing sales by raising awareness about your business.

Put an ad on a SEACAN

So yes get a container or trailer for overstock or seasonal stock but then put the container strategically and use it as an advertising billboard.  A 20ft container at 20ft x 8ft is a very large ad.  An ad that will get noticed with the right design of add. A 40ft ad can probably be seen from space.

If you've got a deal on snow blowers and you need a sea-can to store the snowblowers safely why not use the side of the container as a billboard.  At Ingenious we specialize in Storage and Marketing.  Let us quote you on an Billboard and a storage container all in one!


Examples of container marketing!  Above using 2 x stacked 40ft Seacans and below is a modified single 40ft container.


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