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Self-storage boom - Too much for too little!

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Thinking about getting a self storage unit or a storage locker?   Think again!

We've all got too much clutter and these self - storage businesses are doing very well.  They are an extremely expensive way of solving your clutter problem.  Another major reason why self storage is doing so well and getting more and more expensive is that our toys take up a lot of space and we're storing snow blowers and ski-doos in Summer and lawn tractors, boats and barbecues in Winter.  There is an ever increasing demand for stuff and the space to store it.

But before you rush out and sign up for the $1 buys the 1st month "deal"  Understand that even at half price or whatever the deal, storage is the most expensive real estate on the planet. A $100 a month storage unit is often more expensive that the executive suite in Manhattan if you look at the cost per square foot.

If you have a space behind the garage, a bit of rough land beside the house or your Mother in law lives in the country.  That's the cheapest storage (in cash terms anyway) you will find.  If you've got land: stick a container on it.  A few thousand bucks once is way cheaper than a couple of hundred a month for life.  Do the math.



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