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How to handle moisture and condensation inside your shipping container - simple steps.

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Moisture is a genuine problem for storing goods and items in a shipping container.

Condensation caused by the temperature differential between the inside and outside of the container can spoil your load. Sea containers, shipping containers and transport containers of the type used for international ocean transports are all susceptible to potential moisture and condensation problems.

Used shipping containers

Here are a few simple tips for now.  I  cover more advanced condensation and moisture issues including lining and ventilation solutions in dealing with condensation in shipping containers and freight containers: Advanced remedies for moisture.  But here are a few simple ideas.

  • When buying a used shipping container, or even a new one, before you pack it full and seal it up: let it air out - Make sure it's dry.  Water often collects under the hardboard floor. Let the container cook in the sun, preferably empty with the doors open in the heat of the day.  Close it up at night, watch out for dew in the morning.
  • When loading your container follow the principle of keeping all your items away from the walls and off the floor. For example put cardboard boxes on skids. Allow air flow around the inside of the container and around your stored items.
  • Watch what you are putting in the container.  A perfectly dry container closed up with perfectly dry goods should do reasonably well.  So make sure the container and goods are both dry before closing it up.
  • Avoid opening a dry sealed container on a humid or damp misty day if you can.  Moisture in the air could be enough to upset a dry storage situation.  Choose when you are going to open and close your sea bin or ocean container.
  • If you have big plans for your container add ventilation and look at options for lining your container.  Ventilation slots are ideally added near the top of the sea container.

 used shipping containers stacked


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