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Garage storage - use the space above your car with a parking loft.

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Heavy duty secure parking storage.

Parking loft to maximise storage in your garageParking loft for your condo garage space

Increase the market appeal of your apartment or condo by providing supplementary storage that uses wasted space over a vehicle. Parking Lofts can be placed side by side or back to back, and with the adjustable height, most vehicle sizes can be accommodated. Designed to fit within a standard parking spot, and does not affect neighboring vehicles. Gain storage space where you need it most.

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Maximise space above your parked car

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  • I like this idea! I lived in an apartment block for some years and could never leave a thing down in the area of my car. Winter tires had to go up to the 17th floor with the elevator and who needs winter tires in the cupboard. Everything went with me in the car so the trunk was always full. I wish I would have had a parking loft back then. Now I have a triple garage and I got 3 of these, 1 for each car and you want to see how much stuff I have on top of this “ingenious” invention. Thanks!

    Brian Holmes on

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