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Buying a garden shed? Be Careful!

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I've purchased a garden shed.  I got my garden shed from Lowe's.  $1200 is what I paid + the taxes.  When I got it home and started making it I had to go back and get floor panels and something for the base. A weekend later I had a structure.  I had to add additional wood here and there to compensate for the poor product but yes after a weekend I had the structure.  Then I had to go back again for roofing boards and the shingle.  It was my first ever shingle job.  It took a lot of time but it worked out in the end.  My point is that I underestimated the additional cost for the roof and the floor.  I had also underestimated the time it took to build it..........and then I had to paint it.

So if your thinking of running to your local hardware store to buy a shed - Don't! Or if you do budget for another 600 - $800 dollars for all the additional stuff you're going to need.  Then time.  Lots of time. Oh and the paint.

Galvanized steel garden sheds

Another way is to get an Ingenious Garden Shed:

Our garden sheds are constructed using heavy gauge corrosion resistant galvanized and factory painted steel for unsurpassed durability and longevity over conventional wood, plastic, or light gauge steel sheds. Our storage units come standard with a high security doorbar lock and lever mechanism that is designed to accept any standard lock. Heavy duty hinges and tamper proof hardware provide additional security. All our garden sheds are attractive, durable and weather tight, making them the perfect choice for any yard storage application.

Galvanised Steel Garden Shed - Double Doors

Advantages of a galvanized steel shed:

  • Everything included except the padlock
  • Get galvanised steel or painted but either way.... no need to paint.
  • Floor included 3/4" OSB
  • Roof included (and easy to put on - shingle not necessary)

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