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A shipping container is a building block. What you do with it is really up to you.

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Shipping containers are a simple, quick, inexpensive, building solution.  A shipping container will take you as far as your imagination will allow.

Swimming Pool Hot Tub built from 20ft shipping container.Regardless of whether you need simple storage or your secretly constructing a bat cave.  A shipping container can give you that building block or project box to push your idea forward without a major investment.

You can get a seacan in most places around the world for less than $3000.  Just add your finishing touches.   

One mans disaster is another mans building block.

One mans disaster is another mans building block.  With shipping containers in abundance the price of a used seacan is good.  A shipping container is the perfect large scale project box!Perfect large scale project box - The seacanWhat you do with it is up to you.

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