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How to fix a leak in a shipping container - Don't weld it: Patch it

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In the old days you had to weld it.  Some people even use tar or bitumen on the roof - don't go in that container on a sunny day!! Anyway now all you have to do is peel n patch it!  It's easy. Try fibreglass reinforced polyester that hardens in sunlight.   You can sand it paint it or drill it.

Quick Patch for leaking rusty shipping containers

UV industrial bond strength patches are now available in Canada.  They are:

  • Pliable
  • Fibreglass reinforced polyester that hardens in sunlight
  • Bonds to curved surfaces
  • Repairs flat surfaces, dents, Joints and Angles
  • Moulds to the necessary shape
  • Cures in the sun rock hard
  • Sand, drill and paint when cured.
  • Fixing a container leak literally takes 5 minutes.

To fix your leaking container simply open the sealed package, peel of the backing paper, apply to container leak area and apply pressure with your thumbs.  Work over the area pressing the patch down on the container.  The patch requires sunlight / UV light and will be hard in 5 minutes.  If working inside use a UV torch.

UV flashlight to cure patch indoors

Patches are available in 3" x 6" (Big enough for most leaks) 6" x 9" and 9" x 12" sizes.  They start at around $30 Canadian for the 3" x 6".

To order or if you have questions call 613 354 8744.  We have them in stock in all 3 sizes.

Repair patch on the hull of a boat.

Just in case your wondering if shipping container patches work.  Here's a patch on the bottom of a boat.  It works!

Where to buy shipping container patches

Repair patch for rusty shipping containers

Repair to a shipping container is easy, even a rusty shipping container can be sealed without welding.  Don't weld it, patch it.

Quick Patch shipping container repair patch

Quick patches go way beyond just the repair of shipping containers. These patches are used in many industrial, farm, commercial and home applications.

Quick Patch shipping container repair patch instructions


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