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PEEL-N-PATCH™ now available in Canada

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Peel n Patch uv cured repair patches for boats, trucks, shipping containers and all things metal now available in Canada.  A simple patch that cures in UV light (sunlight) that you can sand, drill and paint once cured.

Checkout the Peel n' Patch website for more info.  Need peel n patch on Canada?  Available from our website: Ingenious Repair Patches

Testing PEEL-N-PATCH container repair patches

The best way to test these UV patches is a Canadian winter and a rusty old shipping container.  Applying the patch took less than 10 minutes.  Locating where the water enters a shipping container is usually pretty easy.  In most cases it is a simple hole so that if you close the doors and walk around the container in daylight you will soon see daylight pouring through the hole.  Then you need to get up on the roof and find that hole.  Patch it and your done.  Here's a photo of my patch:

Repair patch on a rusty shipping container

Since I patched the sea can above we have had some pretty wet weather, a couple of serious rain storms and a little snowfall that then cleared.  OK the worst is yet to come (It's only December) but so far this is holding strong.  Not a drop of water inside!   I will update this page as time goes by.



Simply cut-to-size with scissors, peel the backing and PEEL-N-PATCH™ adheres to virtually any surface. Pliable until UV cured, TPC patches can be swiftly applied to crevices, around contours and on flat areas.


PEEL-N-PATCH™ proudly shines when compared to costly repairs and typical out-of-service requirements for vehicles, trailers, RVs, ATV's, snowmobiles and much more. Our patches help get you back on the road and back to FUN!


PEEL-N-PATCH™ is the exclusive patch converter for North America and Mexico with our stable of advanced technologies. Our customers include wholesale, retail, industry, manufacturing and municipal partners.

Ingenious Repair Patches


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