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Shipping containers used in modular construction for Fire Safety Facility in Alliston, ON

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New Tecumseth Fire Rescue and Honda of Canada Manufacturing’s chose shipping containers as their main building block for the new shared fire training facility in Alliston, Ontario.

"New Tecumseth Fire Chief Dan Heydon said the facility is being built from shipping containers, which allows it to be completely modular and rearranged to fit a variety of training scenarios.

“We can do live fire training, along with ladder, aerial and confined space training,” he said. “The containers can also be rearranged for us to do rope training, so there are multiple uses.”

Fire Training Facility

Heydon said the containers are currently being worked on outside the town’s joint operations building in Beeton.

He said the interiors of the containers will be outfitted with things like walls, doors and windows to replicate the inside of people's homes or apartments.

One of the big advantages of using shipping containers is that if one section becomes too damaged by fire, it can be easily replaced."

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Ground broken for fire training facility at Alliston Honda plant

Shipping containers have been used for many types of construction including museums, hotels, luxury holiday bungalows and of course houses.  Below is a photo of the fire training facility on Vancouver Island that still retains the basic form of the 40ft Seacans used in construction.

Seacans used in construction of fire training facility

Shipping Container construction




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