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Container Homes Ready to build your first container house?

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Weatherproof steel container cabin. A container home project to build the perfect hunting lodge or cottage.  A house built out of a container can be a home.

Spot for cabin on woodlot

I am not sure I want to live in a container even though some of these container homes look pretty comfy and what a beautiful spot in the woods. (Never say never.)  What I do like is the idea of using a container as an instant solution for a cabin on a wood lot. 

This spring I'm starting a project to build a weatherproof steel container cabin.  A hunting lodge / cottage. This will be an off grid project with insulated walls.  Solar panels for light and power.  Wood stove for heat and a few other home comforts. Windows and doors.

I will keep adding articles as the project unfolds. With a how-to so that when I make mistakes you don't have to!

Container HomePhoto: (c) BigStock


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