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Instant warehousing - The instant warehouse you fold flat when you don't need it.

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Business success craves additional storage space and the need for instant warehousing.  Your business growth may demand additional space but expensive warehousing may not be the answer.

Warehouse rents are expensive.  Especially if you need a drive-in door or a loading dock. Also expensive if you want a good location or a rodent and bug free prime location with a few services thrown in.   If you are not so fussy then cheaper rents are available but how far do you want to drive each day?

Business growth can put pressure on your space needs .  Do you move to a larger warehouse?  If your sales are seasonal you may need to stock up at a certain time of year, as many businesses do in the fall for Christmas.  Where do you put that extra stock.  Is it worth paying for space all the year round if you only need the overflow space in your busy season.

The answer could well be a container or two in the yard. But if your additional storage space takes up half the yard all the year round then maybe your no further ahead.  But what if your storage container packs flat?  What if your storage container can be dismantled and moved in a pick up.  What if you don't need special equipment to pickup and move a transport container.

Take a look at some of our InGenious Storage Containers.  Swing by and pick one up in your truck and assemble it when you get home.  No special equipment needed.

InGenious Storage Container

These weatherproof steel storage containers come packed flat so you can put it on the back of your pickup truck.


Steel Containers packed flat for delivery

Once assembled you can move these storage containers with a standard fork lift or a pump truck.  Incidentally, you cannot move an actual shipping container with a fork lift or pump truck.  Even a 5000 lb capacity forklift which can lift the weight of a 20ft shipping container (5000 lbs) only has a fork spread of max 48".  The spread required for any size of shipping container is 84", even on the smaller 10ft containers.

But 1 person with a wrench can dismantle an InGenious Storage Container. Storage made easy!

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