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Seacans and shipping containers for construction sites. Buyback deal!

Posted by Ingenious Storage on

Instant storage for a construction site is a no brainer.  Shipping containers work very well as a secure lockup for equipment as well as dry storage for materials, Seacans work well for that too.  We have been providing a lot of construction sites with containers using our buy back option rather than renting.

Rather than renting a container out of Toronto and paying around $600 - $750 each way for delivery / pickup our clients have been opting for buyback. This way you save 1 shipping fee and you get your money back on the container afterwards.

Estimated net cost of a container rental in Kingston / 6 months = $2400 incl del/pickup.
Estimated net cost using the buyback in Kingston / 6 months = $1450 incl del/pickup.

With a cashback deal it looks like there are some serious cash $$$ savings!!!!





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