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Delivering a shipping container when the ground is soft.

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Saturday, 19th March 2016 - Another successful shipping container delivery

Spring is coming and the phone is ringing with customers planning something big for the summer.  Some people are moving house, others need more storage at the cottage. For a few this will be the year to begin building.  Whatever the reason they have all chosen a shipping container to help with the move, for now as instant storage and then later, they will convert it into useful outside storage.

Problem with delivering in Spring is flooded fields. Melting snow and rain are not on our side. The timing has to be just right. A shipping container weighs 10,000 lbs and the 40ft tractor trailer will dig in on soft ground.  Our drivers cannot risk getting stuck in soft ground. You can't just call the CAA.

Our customer in Cloyne, Ontario needed his 40ft shipping container in his field way up highway 41 urgently as his furniture has to go in this week.  It has been quite mild with lots of rain and his field was a marsh. We watched the weather all this week and saw the temperature was going down to -10 overnight and would stay pretty cold -5 through the day, Saturday.  We made a special Saturday delivery to take advantage of the cold snap and our truck crossed the frozen fields today and dropped the container a good km from the road, right where our customer needed it.  Yesterday this would not have been possible and next week lot's more rain is expected and mild so planning the right time to deliver shipping containers in spring is important.

Another satisfied customer!

Container delivered Cloyne

The seacan above is ready to seat and we put it on logs so we can move it easily into it's final position.

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