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Shipping Containers - Rent or buy storage containers? New or used seacans

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Thinking of renting a shipping container? Need extra storage, dry and secure? A Seacan or shipping container could be the answer. But there are a few things to consider.

Renting a shipping container:

Shipping Container Rental

Shipping containers are sourced in ports like Toronto or Montreal. Rent from a local dealer to where you are located and you basically will save almost a whole shipping fee. A container rented from Montreal, returns to Montreal so if you're in Kingston that could cost you $800 each way!

If you rent from a local dealer you will pay the shipping from Toronto or Montreal anyway (even if it's just hidden in the price) but when your rental is up, that container only ships back locally so you save the return shipping.

Ingenious storage have yards in Toronto, Montreal and nr Kingston.  That can help!

Buying a used shipping container:

Used shipping containers

As I said above buying a container from a yard in Toronto or a yard at the end of the road often does not make any difference. Somewhere the shipping cost is included. But look for companies that will buy back your container. This can be cheaper than renting.

A used container is normally fine for storage. It will have a few dents and surface rust but should not be rusted through at all. A good used container should be weather tight, absolutely no leaks and the seals around the doors should be reasonably intact.

Buying a new shipping container:

New Shipping Containers

A new shipping container is usually preferred if the seacan is being used for an office or re-purposing as a cottage or home. Note that new actually means a one way container. It will have been used for 1 shipment. Interesting in new containers are 20ft high cube. A foot extra height can be useful. These are only available new as they are not used generally for goods shipments.

We like your questions about shipping container logistics or seacan transport. Feel free to get in touch.

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