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Does a big truck fit under the parking loft? Test with Dodge Ram 2500

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Basically Yes!  The Parking lofts have adjustable legs so they are suitable for anything from a roadster sports car to a RAM 2500 Diesel.  They adjust 45" - 57" high!

Parking loft for condo or appartment garagesWinter tire storage above the car

I got a call from a customer asking about using a parking loft in his garage with his F150.  To be honest we didn't know so we tested it today with a Dodge 2500 and it was fine.  Of course you could put blocks underneath it if it didn't fit but we still wanted to know if these would work for a truck without blocks.  Just the steel legs and at max height it was fine with a 1/2" to spare without putting the parking loft on blocks.

Of course be careful if you change your tires or something. It is close with a RAM 250.

Maximise space above the car. Use a parking loft

See the adjustable height parking lofts in the store. A great idea if you want to maximise space in your garage.

Storage above your car!  Now that's InGenious.

  • Winter tire storage above the car
  • Secure storage no matter how many people access the parking garage
  • No need to keep going up and down the elevator.  Store stuff above the car securely.
  • Don't clutter up your apartment or the car with tools,


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