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Container placement using a Bobcat or forklift.

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An increasing number of our customers ask for container placement, often to a spot with difficult access and we are getting quite used to placing containers in tricky spots. When placing a container choose a day (in winter) when the ground is good and frozen hard.  It's much harder to place a container when the ground is soft, so do think about the weather and don't be surprised if you book your container delivery for the Monday and you get a cancellation if it rained all weekend.

Alot of customers put down fresh gravel.  Gravel is good drainage so great but think about how the truck will get in and out.  Often what happens is a truck will drop the container ok but then without the extra weight the wheels spin and the truck can't get out without the weight.  A good tilt truck driver can often use the tilt and move the wheels forward for extra traction but fresh loose gravel can be a problem if it has any depth to it so that will need to be rollered.

Container placement and unloading with tilt truck


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