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Container delivery and Transport. Move that container!

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At Ingenious we have the equipment and the expertise to move and transport your container or any equipment you need moved.  We move awkward and heavy items on a daily basis so if you finally want that shipping container in the right place we would be happy to quote for moving it.

  • Forklift service with driver
  • Heavy Forklift Service with Driver
  • Bobcat rental service with driver.
  • Equipment Float
  • Machinery Float Service
  • Farm equipment float service

Serving Napanee, Kingston, Belleville and beyond.

Heavy Flatbed / Heavy Float / Cargo Freight Transport Service available

Heavy Flatbed / Heavy Float / Cargo Freight Transport Service available

Forklift service by the hour

Forklift Rental service with driver available by the hour. Larger equipment available.

Loading a 20ft Seacan with a forklift truck.  Forklift services available

Loading a 20ft Seacan onto a flatbed with a forklift and a little help from the driver.

Bobcat service with experienced operator.  Bucket or Forks available.

Bobcat service with experienced operator.  Bucket or Forks available to asist you in your farm, home or small business in Napanee.  Servicing Kingston and Belleville area.

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