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The Planning Permission Dilemna. The Permit Question.

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Have you got big plans? Do you dream of a shipping container paradise?Shipping Container Paradise


  • Do I need a building permit for my shed?
  • Do I need a planning permission to put a shipping container on my property?
  • Does a shipping container count as a trailer or moveable object?

I am not a lawyer and these questions are for lawyers at $500 an hour.  I offer this up for free! Most municipalities and towns allow a 100 sq ft shed.  We have 2 products that are perfect for this:  8ft x just under 12 ft with 8ft 6inch in height. That's alot of space! No permit necessary. Or if you don't need the height for ride mowers and garden stuff but want the length take a look at this lower but deeper model.   14ft Economy storage. No permit necessary in most areas.

Of course a 20ft Seacan is 160 sq. ft and a 40ft is 320 sq ft. So you are way over. So here are the tips that I can give from listening to customers.

Authorities do not seem to react if it is a rural property, the container is not an eyesore and most importantly no-one complains.  So if your thinking of putting the container on the far side of your property where you can't see it but your neighbour can, DON'T.

You got a permit for that

If no-one complains you will probably be fine but consider this.  If you drop down a shipping container on wood on the grass or under the trees you should also be fine.  But if you build a pad this could be seen as permanent.  If you weld 2 containers together they are no longer mobile and permanent.  If you put a roof over it using the container as a support it is permanent.  If you build a roof structure and drop a container under it, the container is moveable the roof is not.

Certainly on rural properties there seems to be no issue what so ever if you do not upset the neighbours.

Building Permit for shipping container

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