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New full size storage containers. Steel storage units the size of a shipping container.

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Rusty Shipping Containers

One of the biggest barriers my customers have to buying a used shipping container is that they do not want it sitting beside the house.  Let's be honest, a shipping container begins rusting the day it's made.  A rusty seacan may still have many years of good dry storage left in it so if you can put it on a dark, remote corner of the property behind some brush: who cares what it looks like! Nobody sees it.

But if you have to look at it everyday maybe the words "China Shipping" 8ft high next to the tool shed is not ideal.  So you can go for a new shipping container otherwise known as a one trip shipping container.  It's a good choice but can add $2000 to the cost.  There is another solution.  A modular steel storage unit.

These are brand new galvanised steel units with the 8ft width and 8ft 6 inches height of a shipping container but brand new steel from Manitoba.  This could be your answer if you want to spend similar money to a used shipping container but want something that the wife or neighbours won't complain about.

Lightweight shipping container - Equivalent to a 20ft seacan

Galvanized steel storage, does not need painting

  •  Made in Canda
  • Galvanized steel storage, does not need painting
  • Bolt together and take apart, does not need heavy equipment
  • Does not have company name on side like most used shipping containers
  • Just like a seacan; wind, water and security tight

Storage shed galvanized steel

 Whilst it's not difficult to paint a shipping container it can take quite a bit of time to prep a container that has the company signage on the side.

Used Shipping Container with SignageRustyu Shipping Container with Company Logo


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