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Sale on container PeelnPatch patches. Fix your leaking container and save 20%

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Shipping container PEELnPATCH patch sale.  20% discount on repair patches for shipping containers.

Discount coupon below in red.

Quick patch repair for shipping containers PEEL-N-PATCH fibreglass reinforced polyester quick patch

Fiberglass reinforced polyester patches are easy to use.  The simple peel n' patch technique allows you to cut or mold the patch to the right shape, apply and then allow the UV in sunlight to cure the patch to a rock hard finish that you can sand and paint and even drill and hang a shelf on it!

Use Coupon Code: 20%QUICKPATCH2017SALE


Quick Patch Polyester Repair Kit

There is no easier way to repair a leaking seacan.  Seacans are made from cortan steel and will rust in all the places where the crane or truck has touched the container.  Any small dent will in time lead to rust and then a hole.  Fixing a shipping container has never been easier.  No welding necessary.  Use a simple patch that cures in UV light and use the coupon to get 20% off.

Use Coupon Code: 20%QUICKPATCH2017SALE

Discount coupon for shipping container repair patches

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